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Award-winning Sweat Equity Publicity founder Steven Shehori (who served as the longtime publicist for Second City Toronto) is here to prove nobody can sell the idea of your creation better than you. If you’re a performer, entrepreneur, small business owner, or entertainer of any kind, the Media Whore seminar lays out in clear, straightforward terms how to nab the kind of media attention you assumed only went to wealthy celebrities and obnoxious industry insiders. We’re talking coverage from newspapers and magazines, television and radio, plus blogs and podcasts—at zero cost.

Media Whore is an insightful and humorous seminar that teaches shockingly simple—yet shockingly effective—ways to engage the media without having to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a publicist. Think of it as a one-stop shop for taking your project or career to the next level and beyond.

The seminar will teach you to:

  • Create and send press releases more compelling and memorable than 95% of what’s out there

  • Make your ‘thing’ (a.k.a. your show/event/business/career) appear far more attractive to newspapers, radio, TV and web

  • Establish solid long-term relationships with the media, while avoiding the common mistakes that will immediately put you in the doghouse

  • Use various forms of social media to your advantage

  • Market and promote your ‘thing’ locally (posters, flyers, programs, media, business, and government sponsorship)

  • Make strong connections by offering your publicity services to successful industry folks

  • Be effectively media trained for TV, radio, podcast, and print interviews


PLUS—You will receive a free publicity e-booklet, which includes:

  • An extensive, freshly-updated media contact list (a several hundred-dollar value)

  • A 15-point guide to the perfect press release

  • Numerous sample press releases & templates

  • A compelling sponsorship letter template to generate funding for your ‘thing’

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