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The Become Your Own Publicist Seminar has been taught at several institutions across North America, including Upright Citizens Brigade, The Second City Toronto, The Second City Hollywood, and Actors Connection.  


Award-winning Sweat Equity Publicity founder Steven Shehori (who served as the longtime publicist for Second City Toronto) is here to confirm that nobody can sell the idea of your creation better than you. If you’re a performer, entrepreneur, small business owner, or entertainer of any kind, the Become Your Own Publicist seminar lays out in clear, straightforward terms how to garner the kind of media attention you assumed only went to celebrities and industry insiders. This includes coverage from newspapers and magazines, television and radio, plus blogs and podcasts—at zero cost.

Become Your Own Publicist is an insightful and humorous seminar that teaches shockingly simple—yet shockingly effective—ways to engage the media without having to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a publicist. Think of it as a one-stop shop for taking your project or career to the next level and beyond.

The seminar will teach you to:

  • Create and send press releases more compelling and memorable than 95% of what’s out there

  • Make your ‘thing’ (a.k.a. your show/event/business/career) appear far more attractive to newspapers, radio, TV and web

  • Establish solid long-term relationships with the media, while avoiding the common mistakes that will immediately put you in the doghouse

  • Use various forms of social media to your advantage

  • Market and promote your ‘thing’ locally (posters, flyers, programs, media, business, and government sponsorship)

  • Make strong connections by offering your publicity services to successful industry people

  • Be effectively media trained for TV, radio, podcast, and print interviews


PLUS—You will receive a free publicity e-booklet, which includes:

  • An extensive, freshly-updated media list of 3800 media contacts (a several hundred-dollar value)

  • A 15-point guide to the perfect press release

  • Numerous sample press releases & templates

  • A compelling sponsorship letter template to generate funding for your ‘thing’

Looking to book a group seminar or one-on-one session, either in person or on Zoom or Skype? Simply contact



"Your publicity workshop changed my LIFE. It made such a difference in everything I ever knew about press releases and more. Your generosity of information and strategies was greatly appreciated. I wrote a kick ass press release following all of your steps and it got picked up by several local and high end news outlets. Thank YOU! I used to send press releases out and get ZERO responses so this was a game changer." — Tamara A. 

"A massive thank you for your amazing class: it was truly mind-blowing, and you are just a gem. I'm so elated I attended; it was absolutely awesome. I so enjoyed the vibrancy of the information and your great energy!" — Kaye T. 

"I attended your seminars yesterday and today. I simply wanted to thank you for blessing us with your knowledge and wisdom

in the area of publicity." — Jaq G. 


"I wanted to personally thank you and say how much I appreciated your seminar. You had such wonderful energy, and were incredibly encouraging and educational when you could've made it sound intimidating and impossible. I'm producing and directing a short that I wrote that shoots in June and was really interested in applying what you taught to this project, and I'm beyond glad I did. You are a joy to be in a [Zoom] room with, and I hope that won't be the last time." — Molly C. 

"Your seminar was phenomenally valuable, and I have a list of action items ready to go to start creating a media presence! Thank you so much for spending so much time with us, I learned a vast amount." Natasha L. 


"Really great and informative seminar! You were really thorough and honest and funny, which helped a lot! Everything you said this weekend had my antennae’s at attention, and I’m very much looking forward to venturing into this world."

— Christopher L. 


"Thank you again so much for taking the time to teach us all such a valuable skill. I definitely feel much better and more confident in my career." — Jess R. 


"Thank you, Steven, for all the valuable information you shared yesterday and today in the seminar and becoming your own publicist. You made it seem a lot more tangible than I previously thought. Much appreciated!"

— Kristyn K. 


"I was in your class last weekend and it was incredibly valuable! Thank you so much for everything you shared and everything you taught!" — Alison S. 


"Thank you so much for this amazing class. It was a pleasure to meet you and having you impart this important and great info was an honor. I look forward to seeing you around and I truly can’t thank you enough for today." — Tuesday T. 


“The Shehoris’ indefatigableness and ultimate optimism should both inspire and allow countless innovators and industry professionals to feel like somebody gets it.” Kenny Herzog – Rolling Stone, Vulture

“The Shehoris have the business and art of comedy in their blood. They are devoted advocates of young aspiring comedians, writers and actors, and they have the innate ability to understand what it takes to promote, produce and develop a career in the entertainment biz. They have done an extraordinary job publicizing the Second City and the 8-year run of the Tim Sims Theater.” Andrew Alexander – Proprietor & Executive Producer of The Second City

“In my 25 year career in the media, I received thousands of pitches, via email, phone, video and other methods too bizarre to relate. But I knew when I saw the name ‘Shehori’ attached to one, that I could count on certain things being guaranteed. It would be interesting, it would be witty, it would be worth my time and it would be positioned in a way that managed to be simultaneously persuasive yet unintrusive. The Shehori Brothers are highly respected in the industry as publicists & writers/producers of live theater and television. And in addition to working with established artists, they take a lot of time to help up-and-comers with their careers. Besides being talented, they’re generous as well, which I find a rare combination in this business.”
Richard Ouzounian – Writer/Director, Theater Critic: Variety and The Toronto Star

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