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We recently wrote the mother of all DIY publicity books, and it’s been published by the good folks at Self-Counsel Press. It’s called Media Whore, and it teaches you — step by step — how to garner all sorts of media attention by becoming your own publicist. Media Whore is available on Amazon.comAmazon.caBarnes & NobleChapters/Indigo, and in bookstores worldwide.

Here’s the publisher’s blurb:

Nobody can sell the idea of your creation better than you. If you’re a performer, athlete, entrepreneur, charity, small business owner, or entertainer of any kind, this guide contains vital information forged from over 10,000 hours of experience. Written from the perspective of award-winning writers, The Shehori Brothers, who years ago became publicists out of necessity to promote their own projects, ‘Media Whore’ helps readers understand and implement a straightforward approach to engaging the media and obtaining long-term results. The media attention generated will also assist in unexpected areas, such as government grants, corporate sponsorship, work visas, and new employment opportunities. From getting an agent, to landing the dream gig, to taking your business to the next level, ‘Media Whore’ covers who and how to ask, what to ask for and when to ask for it.

And here's a quote that should confirm the book is pretty good:

Media Whore is a worthy companion to good-humored, DIY how-to guides like Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant’s Writing Movies for Fun and Profit, and a welcome pulling back of the curtain on the machinations that go into delivering a passion product from its creators hands into, hopefully, the warm embrace of a consumer base. It’s a cynical business, but Daniel and Steven Shehori’s indefatigableness and ultimate optimism pack their book’s pages, and should both inspire and allow countless innovators and industry professionals to feel like somebody gets it.”


— Kenny Herzog, writer, Rolling Stone, Vulture, New York Magazine


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