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Click here to view the dynamic style, content, and formatting of a Sweat Equity Publicity press release. 

How do I know if I need a publicist? 

Sweat Equity Publicity's mission is to garner extensive media coverage for your "Thing." We use "Thing" as a catch-all term to describe what you're looking to promote, which can be nearly anything: a business (big or small), a book, an album, a film or TV show, a podcast, your general career, or pretty much any kind of live event or launch.   

What's the difference between social media coverage and traditional media coverage?

Social media coverage refers to the mentions a person or organization receives on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. Typically, these are posts that are generated by other users. Publicists -- ourselves included -- focus on providing traditional media coverage. This refers to mentions provided by professional media outlets: TV and radio shows, podcasts, newspapers and magazines (both physical and online), and blogs. Our goal is to have these outlets call attention to your Thing via articles, interviews (print and live), and even reviews.

What makes Sweat Equity stand out as a PR firm? 

Let us count the ways: 

  • Affordable pricing (more on this below). 

  • 6,000 updated media contacts across the U.S. and Canada, in every major field and industry. 

  • Personal relationships with many media outlets. 

  • Intricate and dynamic press releases that are more engaging (and we'll say it -- better) than 95% of the releases out there. We uncover all the unique and fascinating elements about your Thing (including several angles you likely haven't considered), and package them in a release that has the optimal style, formatting, and content to engage as many media outlets as possible.

  • Our press releases always double as online press kits that include video content, high-resolution photo pages, quotes, engaging visuals, and link-outs to relevant URLs and downloads. This ensures outlets immediately have 100% of the information needed to provide coverage.

  • Every press release we send is fully personalized, and addresses the media contact and their outlet by name. We then conduct personalized follow-ups several days after the initial contact is made. 

  • Personal communication: as a client, you can reach us by phone, email, or text at any time.

  • We'll provide you with expert media training to ensure you excel at the TV and radio interviews we schedule.

  • We can provide you with a sponsorship template and a list of contacts, should you wish to generate corporate interest in your Thing. 

  • Our advanced media tracking scours the web, TV, and radio for all coverage you've received, and provides you with links, MP3s (audio), and MP4s (video) of this coverage. Sadly, Google Alerts does a subpar job at this. 

  • We can provide actionable ideas and concepts for promotion and marketing to further increase your Thing's reach.    

What is Sweat Equity's pricing structure?

We pride ourselves on being far more affordable than the vast majority of publicists and PR companies. We customize a plan that meets your exact needs, and base our pricing on that. Our rates for a publicity campaign begin at $250, and go up from there. Typically they're a few hundred dollars, and it's pretty darn rare we've ever charged above $2800. We ask for 1/3 of the payment upfront, 1/3 partway through the campaign, and the final 1/3 when you and us collectively agree we've exhausted all media avenues. Here's our guarantee: if you're not satisfied with the amount of coverage we were able to provide, we'll waive the final payment, no questions asked. 

Should I simply use my budget for paid advertising instead? 

When done right, advertising can be very effective. Although in our humble opinion, it should always be secondary to seeking out traditional media coverage. The one key reason: as 21st century dwellers, we're all conditioned -- whether we realize it or not -- to trust the media outlets we like, while ignoring the advertisements they display. Which is why an article in a newspaper or an interview on TV will generate ten times more attention and credibility than any ad that comes before or after it.   

Can I simply have Sweat Equity write and design a press release/online press kit, and I'll do the rest myself?

Absolutely. For a flat rate of $250 USD, we can create a fantastic press release/online press kit that can be emailed and available as an online link.  

When is a good time to contact the media about my Thing?

This can vary, but typically we suggest three to six weeks before you want your Thing to make headlines.  

What other services do you provide?

  • Creating and managing compelling Facebook ad campaigns

  • Website design or re-design

  • Copyediting

  • Creating promo videos

  • Audio and video editing

  • Photo editing

  • Poster and logo design

What should I avoid when seeking out a publicist? 

We have some pretty hard and fast opinions on this!

  • Anyone without a proven track record

  • Anyone who charges a large amount of money but won't agree to discount the cost if they can't provide a reasonable amount of coverage for you  

  • Anyone asking for full payment upfront

  • Anyone who won't provide you the names of every outlet they will be contacting on your behalf

  • Anyone who doesn't show enthusiasm for your Thing

  • Anyone not willing to talk to you on the phone

  • Anyone more focused on social media than traditional media

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